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Leadership Training


We provide comprehensive leadership trainings that are centered around both professional and personal development through a series of interactive sessions focused on capitalizing on the leaders strengths to help them progress in the areas where they desire growth.

How to build a High performing Team

Learn key strategies on how to form a collaborative, action driven, high functioning team.

The Art of Positive Feedback

Learn how to promote a feedback driven culture, where praise and positive critiques are at the 

center of its success.

Servanthood is the New Charisma​

Find out why possessing attributes like commanding a room, having executive presence, and being a great orator just scratch the surface when it comes to having true charisma.

The Power of Influence

Learn how to leverage influence

to get the best out of your team.

The Player Coach

Learn how “getting in the trenches” with your team creates an environment of partnership, trust, and admiration.


Career Workshops


Our career sessions are perfect for social groups and organizations that would like to provide their members with tools and resources to assist them in their

career development.

Taking Career Inventory

Get retrospective and pro-active about where you've been in your career, where you are now, and where you want to go.

The Resume Makeover

Style the words on your resume so they jump off the page at prospective employers.

The Interview Bootcamp

Simulate a real live interview and examine cringe worthy common mistakes we've all made.

Writing the Vision

Map out your career strategy for the next 90 days.


Personal Development Talks


Need a dynamic Motivational Speaker dedicated to providing an uplifting and action driven talk on topics such as Strategic goal-setting, Creating your own definition of success, Leading change, or Turning tragedy into triumph? If topics like those are what you've been looking for then search no further, because we have the speaker for you.

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