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Become a Supernova

The supernova program is designed to teach children and adolescents to become a beacon of support for one another. Our mission is to encourage the youth to embrace the notion that allowing another person’s light to shine does not dim your light. There is room for everyone to be a S.T.A.R. (Strong, Tenacious, Accomplished, and Respected), and motivating one another is the pathway for everyone to reach their maximum potential. The program audience 

is grades 4th-8th grade.

The program has 3 workshop topics that we share:

Collaboration Corner

In this session, we educate the group through a team activity on how to work together as a cohesive unit, and 

how to work through partnership to succeed, rather than solely focusing on one's self.

Winning with words

In this session, we tap into the art of communicating effectively with the people we interact with the most, and how to get positive results and to avoid causing resentment during those interactions.

The 15 minutes of fame

In this session, each group will be given time to act out scenarios centered around conflict resolution, bullying, and social inclusion.

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