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Let's promote your work!

Thank you for choosing our service. Here at Tash Inspires, we are huge advocates of reading and are excited to match eager readers with great books in our bookstore. We are thrilled to help showcase amazing 

author’s just like you and your work to a new and broader audience. The cost is $9.99 for 1 month. 

The process to be featured in our website is simple.

Step 1. 

Submit a clear/high resolution image of your book cover, Description of your book 

(Maximum of 150 Words), a link to where your work can be purchased, and 

the price. Email your submission to

Step 2. 

Make your payment of $10.00 at the link provided. Once payment is received, your 

submission will be posted to the website for one month from the day you 

provided your information and paid.

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