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Her Nine to Five

5 Common Resume Mistakes 

 (that are often overlooked)

Cynthia stared at a blank page for what seemed to be hours, trying to figure out the best way to position her resume. Honestly, she was a little worried, realizing that although her degree was in marketing, she had virtually no experience under her belt. After undergrad, she spent a few years working at her aunt’s pet store as an office manager. It was a great place to work, however it didn’t offer her the type of professional growth that she felt she needed…Continue Reading

 3 Key Components Needed to 

Ace Your Next Interview

With the help of a good friend, Cynthia was able to polish up her resume, and she landed a few interviews. She hadn’t been on an interview in over 3 years, so she was a bit nervous, but she used some tips and tricks she learned from her career coach to help her get prepared. Here are 3 vital elements needed to make a lasting impression during your interview...Continue Reading

The New Kid on the Block: 4 ways 

to build rapport with your new  co-workers

She did it! Cynthia landed her dream job. The only downside was that she would have to relocate and leave behind her family and friends, which made her a bit sad. However, she knew it was time for her to spread her wings, and this was just the job to do it with. This was the type of position she fantasized about in college. It was a real dream come true. She would be working in a beautiful building with tons of amenities, a great salary, and excellent benefits. It was everything she could have hoped for…that is until after about 2 weeks, and then reality finally set in, and she realized that she was...Continue Reading

Oops…Did I do that? 

5 Ways to redeem yourself after a critical error at work

Cynthia has quickly gotten into the swing of things in her new role. She’s been working very diligently on her assignments, and her peers and leadership have certainly taken notice. So much so, that her responsibilities have begun to increase, week by week. Unfortunately, Cynthia may have bitten off more than she could chew. While finalizing an important project for the quarter, she noticed a critical error she made, that required the immediate attention of the entire staff. Everyone, including her boss, had to work late 2 nights in a row, because of this blunder...Continue Reading

Bright ideas: How to effectively share 

your ideas with your team

Cynthia has begun to get the hang of things around the office, making friends, increasing her responsibility, and becoming more familiar with her surroundings. She has started to contribute in team meetings by leading progress updates, however, she has not yet pitched one of her many unique ideas. Cynthia knows that her ideas could positively impact her team and even the company, but she hasn’t mustered up the courage to share them with her peers...Continue Reading

The Idea Caper: How to address a co-worker 

who steals ideas for their own

She’s on fire! Cynthia has been pitching successful and profitable ideas for months now, and she’s really growing confident in her ability to present and outline her processes. This next project that she has in mind, should be huge! Cynthia is a little nervous, and so in order to ease her anxiety before she presented her idea, she shared it with one of her new work friends Beth. Beth embraced the idea and told her that she loved it. During the next meeting, Beth asks if she could speak first, and as she was talking, Cynthia noticed that what Beth was saying sounded very similar to the idea she shared...Continue Reading

Head Contributing Writer- C James

Editor and Chief- Tash Turner

"Her Nine to Five" is a unique blog that uses fictitious characters to highlight real-life situations and scenarios that often occur in our everyday lives both personally and professionally. It's designed to provide tips, tricks, and best practices to help you navigate through those circumstances with greater ease and in the process, encourage, motivate, and inspire you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

*Views and tips shared on this blog are merely suggestions, please use your own sound judgement before attempting to implement any of the proposed techniques.

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