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5 ways to get your child excited about reading 

Buy books in topics that your child is interesting in

If they find a specific topic interesting, buying books for them around that topic would make them more likely to want to continue to read and learn more about the subject.

Bring the book to life

Create a fun environment for reading. A great way to do this is to dress up like characters in the book, and as your child is reading out loud, begin acting out the scene for fun. This makes the reading experience more engaging and interactive.

Create some movie nights based on books

Have your child pick 2 or 3 books that have been made into movies. Challenge your child to read the book and then after they finish, plan a movie night where you watch the movie together. Then have a discussion around what they enjoyed the most about reading the book and what they enjoyed the most about watching the movie.

Let them see you read

Model the behavior you want to see from them by making sure they see you reading consistently. Whether it’s a book, article, or newspaper. Let them see you reading something, so they know the important of expanding their minds through reading.

Plan special activities and trips themed around books

Example: If your child just read a book about baseball. Plan an outing to a baseball game. If they just read a book about museums, then plan a trip to one of your local museums, so they can get the full experience of what an actual museum is really like. If you’re planning a vacation to a specific location, look up some children’s books related to the area you are going to visit and share the books with your child as entertainment during their travel time (car, plane, train ride, etc.).

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