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3 key components needed to ace your next interview

With the help of a good friend, Cynthia was able to polish up her resume, and she landed a few interviews. She hadn’t been on an interview in over 3 years, so she was a bit nervous, but she used some tips and tricks she learned from her career coach to help her get prepared. Here are 3 vital elements needed to make a lasting impression during your interview.

1. Present yourself confidently

A key component in being able to present the best representation of you in a professional setting is mastering confidence. Employers covet confident individuals and view them as a valuable asset. The perception is that truly confident people consistently represent the company and it’s interest in a positive and favorable light, which is a great value to the overall enterprise.

2. Find a balance

Having a very balanced conversation is essential for a truly successful interview. Watch and listen for cues to evaluate when to speak and when to listen, and make sure the conversation is give and take (which is how any good conversation should be)

3. Be a rock S.T.A.R

Having a system to answer your interview questions will provide a structural way to deliver responses with great ease. The STAR Method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) will help you overcome questions that require more in-depth and strategic explanations.

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